Monday, September 29, 2014

Doll Collecting for Everyone

by Donna Kaonis
It seems we often are reading about the latest record setting price paid for a doll – the latest $397,700 being paid for Kammer and Reinhardt’s 108, the only example known.  These high prices are not only newsworthy, they elevate our hobby. It is important however to remember that these astronomical prices are not the norm, only a very select few are able compete for these extremely rare dolls and short of putting a second mortgage on our homes, the rest can never even fathom such a purchase.
As a long time doll collector who doesn’t have unlimited funds, I am happy to report that I have been able to put together a fine collection of antique dolls. Ironically my collection consists of early dolls: chinas, parians, papier mache and cloth. Along with American composition dolls and the majority of German bisque dolls, these dolls can be quite affordable.
I’ve always equated a new limited edition doll to buying a car…as soon as you drive it out of the lot it is a used car.  A limited edition doll or the latest fad will rarely if ever be worth what you paid for it. Indeed, in most cases I counsel individuals to donate these dolls and take a write off as they more than likely they will only receive pennies on the dollar if they try and sell them. An antique doll however will hold its value, oftentimes increase in value, and in meantime you can enjoy owning a piece of history.
New collectors often think learning about antique dolls is very confusing…bisque dolls have all those mold numbers! Rest assured, there is nothing complicated; armed with a bit of knowledge, you can become an expert in your field. Knowledge is what we provide in Antique DOLL Collector… our articles written by doll collectors (not professional writers), explained in easy to understand language.
As editor of the 2014 United Federation of Doll Clubs souvenir journal, I wrote about collecting and passion, the theme of this year’s convention. If you collect dolls you will agree that it has enriched and enlivened your life; in fact as one longtime collector stated, it is the secret to happiness!

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