Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some Results of Bonham's Auction of Rare Character Dolls

Bonham's Auctions conducted a sale of rare German and other Character dolls on September 24, 2014 and set record prices for some of the dolls, including those below:

1. An extremely rare and unique Kämmer & Reinhardt 108 bisque head character doll

Sold for £242,500 (US$ 395,479) inc. premium.
Kamner and Reinhardt Rare 108 Won the top bid, $395,479.00
An extremely rare Kämmer & Reinhardt 106 'Heinz' bisque head character doll

Sold for £115,300 (US$ 188,036) inc. premium.
All the dolls auctioned may be viewed at
The #108 Doll had previously sold at auction for $275,000.00.  This amount was reported in Patsy Moyer's Doll Values, 2000.   According to Moyer, Kamner and Reinhardt began to make dolls in 1886 and continued till sometime past 1930. They were located in Waltershausen, Germany. Bisque heads for the firm were made by Simon & Halbig and Schuetzenmiester & Quendt.  Some of the heads were marked K  R with a Star of David in the Center, and others, including a small doll in my collection, had heads bearing this mark and Simon & Halbig underneath.  Rheinishche Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co. made celluloid doll heads for them.   The rarest of their dolls were the Charaterpuppen, like these sold.  Moyer writes that Kamner and Reinhardt made a variety of heads, both shoulder and socket as well as heads of composition, pinchushion heads, and rubber heads.

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