Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vintage AKA Antique Dolls About to Happen!

Soon, antique dolls of all types will be closer than you think! Collectible and vintage dolls from the 1930s and 1940s are approaching the 70-80 year mark. The Shirley Temple dolls is approaching its 80th anniversary, all the more bittersweet because of the death of the child star last winter. Celebrity dolls made during the twenties that represent Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan as "The Kid", Baby Peggy, Rudolph Valentino and others are now between 80-90 years old. Patsy is close to 80, and the bisque Nancy Ann Storybook dolls have hit age 75. Most definitions of "antique" describe objects that minimally are between 75-100 years old. The dolls just described above fit that category. The elusive, rare and expensive Albert Marque French bisque head was made circa 1914. The first Kewpies are now over 100 years old, Raggedy Ann is 99. The first Madame Alexander dolls are approximately 91 years old. Vintage dolls are rapidly transitioning to antique dolls. Like us, they aren't getting any younger!
I often hear from collectors who are daunted by old dolls. They feel antiques are out of their price range and not relevant. I would agree to disagree on this point. The variety of antique and old, vintage dolls is staggering. Peruse the pages of Antique Doll Collector and you will find dolls made of every material and design, even early dolls of hard plastic. Those little 7 inch hard plastic dolls known as Sweet Sue, Mary Ann, Duchess Dolls, Gas Station Dolls, Storybook Dolls, Carlson dolls and many other names are past sixty, with early plastic and compositon examples hitting age 70. They are all old dolls, and have a history, sometimes just as interesting as that of a pricey Bru or Montanari wax doll. Modern dolls have their provenance in old dolls. Modern ball-jointed dolls, Fashion dolls, Barbie, and other similar dolls so hot today owe their construction to early jointed Creche figures, Queen Anne dolls, ball jointed French and German dolls, Parisiennes, Pandoras, and others. Cloth dolls are still constructed in ways similar to Kathe Kruse, Izannah Walker, or Chase babies. A collector of costume dolls or artist dolls will learn that these modern collectibles were inspired by the creations of Bru, Jumeau, Huret, Simon & Halbig, Kestner, and more. In future blog posts, we will explore the antique and vintage dolls that appear in the pages of Antique Doll Collector, and will explore many types that are both affordable and accessible to doll collectors everywhere.

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