Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ellen's Mystery Doll

Below is the description of this doll that I recntly purchased.  She has a very expressive face, and I don't know anything about her. She has an interesting molded hat, which to me looks Asian, perhaps, Thai, but her face reminds me of some of larger Barrois dolls with glass eyes, or of some of the later SFBJ characters.  Any ideas, anyone?

 A "very unusual black bisque head doll with some type of head dress on a carved wooden body. This one, I have never seen before. She head is made of bisque with her hair sticking out of the head dress. Her body is carve with breasts and a very large and prominent back side. She has extended feet at the back of her heels to allow her to stand up straight. She can be posed sitting or standing. Her arms can move up and down. She does have some minor paint rubs, however nothing significant. She measures only 9" tall.
This is one doll that not everyone has in their doll collection. She came from the Franz Museum in Washington, D.C., which closed in the 1940's. " Photos and text courtesy Nostalgic Images, Gale LeDeux, Ruby Lane.

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