Monday, October 27, 2014

Hoseley Party Dolls

I knew there was a reason why I liked McGregor, Iowa so much!  It really is a wonderful place for dolls and antiques. For example, there was the "land of 6000 dolls," housed in one very large antique shop that also had a soda fountain, and another quaint shop where I bought several Schoenhut items. McGregor is also the home of the super rare Hoseley Party Dolls, featured in our upcoming Novemeber issue. According to an article published on historic McGregeor: there is a walking tour that includes Ruth Hoseley's home where she "hand-crafted dolls." Historical Walking Tour of McGregor Brochure - Northeast 
"You may have come across a Hoseley Party Doll, but unless
 it had an original tagged outfit, you would never know it.
The mold for the dolls was purchased from the Richwood Doll
 Company and was the same as that used for Mary Hoyer and Cindy
 Lou dolls.  Jane Foster shares some of these seldom seen beautifully
 dressed hard plastic dolls with our readers." (

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