Friday, October 17, 2014

Vintage Betsy Paper Dolls

 Admit it; you're one of us!  Those of us who are a certain age remember the thrill of receiving "McCalls Magazine" in the mail.  I, for one, used to flip through the pages  eagerly, looking to see, "was she there, or wasn't she?"   After awhile, she would appear every month, but that wasn't always the case.  Of course, I mean Betsy McCall, the paper doll, and her various friends.  I saved many single pages, now preserved in my doll scrapbooks, and sent something ike $.32 to get the special set of paper dolls that were offerred.  You sent the money to a P.O. Box in Rock Island, IL, the town where I grew up went to school. Betsy appeared in McCalls in paper doll for 44 years, beginning in 1951. Various companies soon offerred her as a hard plastic or vinyl doll including American Character, Allison Corp., and Tonner.
McCalls Magazine featuring Betsy Paper Doll on its Cover

60s Vintage Betsy

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