Friday, November 7, 2014

Let the Music Begin

In their own words, below, from Theriault's:

An old French children’s game, En Avant la Musqiue, graces the back cover of Theriault’s upcoming doll auction catalog and serves as the theme of the auction - “Let the Music Begin!” Begin indeed, and play on through, too. Exceptional dolls from private collections are featured ranging from those of the esteemed French firms of Bru, Jumeau, Schmitt, Steiner, and others, and highlighted by the extremely rare Jumeau art character 201, of which only one other example is known to exist. In fact, more than 25 Jumeau bébés are featured, some from the highly-sought early premiere series, as well as Bébé Triste in rare size 9 wearing her original couturier costume, fine Bébé E.J. in very rare size 16 with original Jumeau dress and signed Jumeau shoes, and petite bébés in sizes 1 and 2. Other rare bisque dolls range from those designed by Grace Corry Rockwell and Van Rozen, to a bevy of beautiful poupées, mostly with sought-after wooden bodies and including rarities such as the elegant Radiquet and Cordonnier lady. A fabulous collection of early Steiff dolls, a circus of Bucherer performers, very rare models of Door of Hope dolls, and an unbelievable original village of 25 dolls stand alongside wonderful automata including the rarest near mint peacock in original box with spreading feathers. A superb rare 28” Simon and Halbig 1388 lady doll flirts for the attention of a wonderful 24” model of K*R 107 Karl in original formal attire, while a family of Schoenhut children include rare early carved hair examples. The great diversity of the 350 wonderful dolls in the auction is yet in harmonious concert for one common theme prevails: the superb condition and originality of each doll. Plan to be at the auction when Stuart Holbrook signals the opening chords, and “Let the Music Begin!” 9" x 9". Softbound. Full-color.

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