Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thoughts on Dolls; PS; we have nearly 2000 Page Views! Thanks!

Those who know me have often heard me tout that this “greatness” in collecting can be achieved at every level. " Stuart Holbrook, Theriault's

I could not have said it better myself.   I was shocked the first time someone used "high end" to describe a doll.  That's a term I was familiar with from real estate class.  It's wonderful that dolls have achived the price ranges of fine art; it gains them, and those of us who collect, respect in circles outside the world of doll collecting.  Yet, I've written for you about my three collections.,  I love variety in all things; indee, I'm eclectic by nature.  I love that my dolls range from the sublime to the ridiculous  Doll collections, or "Dollections", become valuable over time, as they are nurtured.  Dolls become vintage when they are  kept in a collection and allowed to become part of the collector's life and culture, not when they are rapidly traded and speculated like stock.

So, Thank you, Stuart, Enjoy!  I hope you all well at the upcoming auction, and remember the spirit behind doll collecting as you bid!

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