Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Etrennes are gifts presented on New Year’s Day in France, and included beautiful French dolls during the Golden age of Bisque dolls.  Many countries exchange holiday or Christmas gifts on January 1, also St. Basil’s Day, or later on January 6th, known in some South American countries as the Day of The Three Kinds. Note, in some spellings, there is an accent on the first "E."

Etrennes gifts date back to antiquity, and may have been created in honor of St. Strena, whose feast day is January 1.

The Louvre Department store and many others like it offered Bebes and other wonderful dolls and toys as Etrennes gifts.  If you watched the sitcom “Friends,” you noticed a large Etrennes poster in Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

Happy New Year, from Antique Doll Collector Magazine, and I hope you find an Etrennes waiting for you!

Poster from Louvre Dept. Store, Public Domain Image

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