Friday, December 19, 2014

Last Minute Gifts for Antique Doll Collectors

You still have five days after tonight!  Or, if you are uber-organized, it's never too late to start thinking about next year!  Here are some great ideas for gifts for antique and vintage doll collectors:

1.  A subscription to Antique Doll Collector Magazine.  See the link on our blog where you can subscribe directly, or go to our website,

2.  Also on our website, you can choose Back Issues to gather, wrap with a gorgeous ribbon, and deliver to your favorite antique doll lover. 

3. Find a doll or accessory  in our Emporium.

4. We have patterns to inspire those who want to make their own gifts for special dolls and special collectors.

5.  Plan a special trip to a doll show or doll event for that special doll collector in  your life.

6. Subscribe a doll lover in your life to a year of Theriault's catalogs.

7.  Bid on a doll at one of Theriault's upcoming auctions, or attend a doll auction!

8.  Give a doll book, has many including A Bibliography of Doll and Toy Sources, With Love from Tin Lizzie: A History of Metal Dolls . . .,

9.  Doll clothes, mini stuffed animals, doll shoes, accessories, furniture and stands are all wonderful gifts for collectors.

10.  Help your favorite collector set up a doll room; contribute shelves and display cases, help build things, provide acid free tissue and cedar sachets.

Wish everyone in your life Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2015! Happy Doll Collecting!

Halopeau to be in Cotillion Auction January 2015, Courtesy Theriault's

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