Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why I love our ADC Back Issues: Unusual Chase Dolls

Did you know that back issues of ADC our available?  Look through our current issue for information, or review our newly designed website.  I was browsing my September 201 issue, and eagberly read the cover story on unusaul Chase dolls.  I'll never forget the day I won my Chase doll on ebay. She was billed as an old rag doll with a painted face, and I got her for a very reasonable price.  Later, when I taught my class "The Doll as Other," I had a student who remembered using the Chase life-sized mannikins in her nurse's training.  It really is funny how dolls can reach so many people in so many ways besides collecting.

The great Chase article by Bernice Millman featured unusual Alice in Wonderland dolls, several black dolls, three of which appear on  the cover, a rare 8 inch doll originally created as a kit for young girls, Dickens characters, and more.

A super rare George Washington stood a dignified 24 inches.  Other dolls had molded curls and hairdos, and an unusual set of fraternal twins wore small American flags.

Chase was influenced by Izannah Walker and had a long, successful career as a doll maker.  Her dolls were pricey when new, and were desired gifts.   Start your research on Chase and other unusual antiques by reviewing the back issues of  "Antique Doll Collector Magazine."

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