Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Poulbot, Featured also in Cotillion Auction by Theriault's

Below is a Poulbot featured in today's and tomorrow's Cotillion Auction, featuring the collecting of Susan Whittaker.  Photos and text are courtesy of Theriault's, but what a lovely doll! We wils follow up with highlights from the auction in future blog posts.

Lot: 111. French Bisque Art Character Doll Designed by Poulbot

14" (36 cm.) Bisque socket head,hazel-brown glass inset eyes,tinted brows and eye shadow,tiny button-shaped nose with accented nostrils,closed mouth with wide accent line between the lips,very full cheeks,auburn mohair wig,French composition body with jointing at shoulders and hips,antique cotton school girl dress,smock,undergarments,shoes,stockings,woven bonnet. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: SFBJ 239 Paris Poulbot (incised signature). Comments: Paris,circa 1916,the dolls were made for one or two years only,designed by the famed Parisian illustrator Francisque Poulbot whose signature illustration work depicted the war orphans of the Montmartre district of Paris; the same concept was developed for his doll,of which only one model was made,costumed as a boy (Nenette) or girl (Rintintin,as in this present doll). Value Points: rare doll with compelling presence and historical background.
Presale Estimate: 8500/11000

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