Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rendezvous February 23d-see the Dolls Online, Courtesy Theriault's

Theriault's Rendezvous, Monday Night at the Auctions, are conducted at Theriault's headquarters office in Annapolis, Maryland. Live online bidding, absentee bidding and live telephone bidding is available. Plan in advance, get registered, and when the auction is set to begin - 7 PM EDT - click the audio/video on button. And get set for an hour of fun. For technical help with bidding live online call Proxibid toll free at Theriault's Premier Line at 855-264-8262.

Join Stuart Holbrook, Luke Theriault and Florence Theriault for a fun and fast and fact-filled one-hour auction of great antique dolls. Watch Luke listen with interest while Florence cites a doll factoid. Watch Florence contribute to and encourage Stuart's banter. Just have fun and maybe bring home a doll. The dolls are all available for viewing and bidding online. You can leave pre-bids, you can absentee bid, or you can make a reservation to bid by telephone at the actual time of the auction. Or you can be there online when the fun begins and watch the live audio/video feed.

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