Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Love Shirley Temple Exhibition and Auction

I should probably address this to the late Shirley herself, and call it, "Love, Ellen."  Since the age of 8, I have loved all things Shirley. My first collectible was a blue glass mug with her image. Later, I read an article where Shirley said that when she received one of the famous mugs, she put it in her dishwasher, and soon had a lovely collection of blue glass.  I hope she was joking.  In November 1988, I was just out of school and living in San Jose.  I was lucky enough to get her signature on my copy of "Child Star."  She also admire the sweater I was wearing, a Jennifer Moore number with a little Inuit girl appliqued on it.  She asked me where I bought it, and I could barely croak out "Macy's!" 

When I was 11, many of the dolls sent to her by fans were featured in an issue of  "Photoplay." They were to be displayed in the lobby of Stanford Children's Hospital.  That summer I saw them, and my Uncle Tom, an artist who brought me a doll every week, photographed them. In 1990, I saw the dolls there again, and took my own photos.  Soon after, Ms. Temple took them home.

Now, as featured in ads in the April 2015 issue of "Antique Doll Collector", dolls, costumes, and memorabilia belonging to Shirley Temple will go on exhibition, with an auction of the entire personal collection to be auctioned by Theriault's July 14, 2015.  For exhibition dates and more information, check out our April 2015 issue and go to theriault'  Phone: 800-638-0422. Don't miss this opportunity to dance one more time, on the deck of The Good Ship Lollipop!!

Dolls that Belonged to Shirley Temple, Courtesy Theriault's

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: Kewpies and Kewpiesta

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: Kewpies and Kewpiesta: Who doesn't love Kewpies?  I've loved them since I was a toddler, finding them in vinyl at Grant's, Zayre's, and elsewhere. ...

Kewpies and Kewpiesta

Who doesn't love Kewpies?  I've loved them since I was a toddler, finding them in vinyl at Grant's, Zayre's, and elsewhere.  I bought cards, paper dolls, statues, the famous Lefton Kewpies, anything.  My latest finds were Valentine Kewpies holding red hearts, apparently also Lefton, purchased from our local Discover Shop.

My first Kewpie arrived from Zayre's Department Store, and was the 7 inch high, more or less, example, with a one piece vinyl body and a sort of "squeaker" in its back.  It was a Cameo vinyl doll.  The first Kewpie I remember seeing was knockoff vinyl Kewpie at the toy giveaway my friend Karla Warner's family was having.  I was six, and came away with several little dolls I still have, but somehow I missed that one!
Kewpie dolls, and their creator, Rose O'Neill, intrigue me.  Like their creator, the cherubic little dolls show infinite dimensions in their personalities.
Below is information for this year's festival celebrating  all things Kewp, Kewpiesta!  I hope you all can make it :)

Courtesy, Theriault's

The theme for 2015 is "Kewpies on Vacation"! Lots of opportunities for great window displays! The dates are 4/15 - 4/19 .

For more information, see The International Rose O' Neill Club Foundation.

Kewpiesta has a Facebook Page, as well.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Past 6000 Views and Great Advice from Theriault's on Bidding!

We thank our viewers and readers, nearly 6000 since we began last fall!  Below, tips from the Dollmasters themselves, Theriault's, on bidding.  Don't forget the Only Child Auction!

  1. Bid. It starts with a want, a click, and a simple process of trying. If you don’t try we can promise just one thing: nothing will happen and that empty part of your cabinet will remain and require continued dusting.

  2. Register. It takes just two minutes (yes, we timed it...ok, not really, so let’s call it three minutes). Or, if you are already registered, just sign in for the Las Vegas event at the Bellagio next weekend, March 28-29th, and prepare to engage. One sign-in works for both days and one lucky number. It’s possible that Paddle Number 777 is still up for grabs! Register now!

  3. Prebid. Has your spouse insisted that you go to the hot dog eating contest at the local county fair next weekend? No worries, you have two options: you can feign a stomach ailment and stay home to bid live or just enter your prebids now (it’s so easy!) and the Proxibid system will execute them for you in a competitive manner while you stand at the fair and ask yourself “Why am I at a hot dog eating contest?”

  4. Bid Live. There is something fun and wonderfully special about bidding in a bathrobe (anything less than a bathrobe we prefer not to know). Really, who doesn’t love their home and a perfect chair? Of course, you’re missing out when considering that to see the dolls and be a part of the event is an unsurpassed experience. But, despite the fact that Stuart’s jokes are just as bad online as they are in person, you will still get the feel, experience a connection, and share in the joy of special moments that are so unique to the auction experience.

  5. Go Back to Step 2. No matter what you choose as your way to bid, just make sure you register now. And, even if you have no intent on bidding, the registration will make auctions in the future so much easier to log in to. As well, since you are maybe wondering: it costs nothing, asks for little, and opens up the potential of that moment when the doll you dreamed of is actually in your budget.

  6. Hot Fudge Sundaes. We have them for our attendees. But, we have not perfected a way to get them to you at home. So, for now, at 1:00PM this is your excuse to make your own perfect sundae at home and join us for the signature moment at every Theriault auction. If you happen to reside in Stuttgart and have no idea what a hot fudge sundae is, no problem. Just make the most perfect dessert that you really should not be eating and...enjoy!

  7. Watch. It’s really quite fun. Florence will interrupt. Stuart will do Creche figure impersonations. The crowd will yawn and roll their eyes. It is, in classic Theriault tradition, the most anti-auction auction environment ever. Really, isn’t this what makes it all so fun?

  8. Be Ready. “Just when you thought you were out they pulled you back in!” Yes, it happens. The best buyers, the buyers who build great collections on a budget, they know one thing...“the special secret.” That is: intensity and paying attention will find you the sleeper that others are missing during that one particular day. It’s your moment. This is when you rise to the occasion. Every auction has them and, in the case of Theriault’s, they usually happen right around the time we open the hot fudge sundae bar.

  9. No Extra Charge. We hate nickel and diming. Really, we do. That’s why Theriault’s has the lowest buyer’s premium of any established auction house in the world. As other auction houses look to pass the cost to you, we look to find ways to get the doll to you in the most reasonable way possible. And, Internet bidders pay the same as every other bidder. How about those beans? Beans you can count as savings towards going one more bid or buying one more doll.

  10. Our style is your style. We are not interested in selling one hundred lots an hour. Really, we are enjoying the excitement of collecting and your joy within the hunt. Why rush it? It should be the best part of your day, your week, your month; not the fastest. So, you will find live Internet bidding a perfect complement to the “Theriault Style.” What’s the “Theriault Style” you ask? Fun! And the fair chance for all to “bring home a doll”.

And this is where it all starts.
Just one click to fun and the doll
of your dreams.

Click to preview
"Only Child, Session I"
Click to preview "Only Child, Session II"

Click here to order the "Only Child" commemorative collector's book or sign up for a subscription starting today!

Register to bid live online at all the
events next weekend, March 28-29th.

To receive notice of Theriault's auctions, go to and register to receive email notices. If you are planning on coming to Las Vegas for the March 28-29 auctions or would like more information call Theriault's toll-free at 800-638-0422, internationally at 410-224-3655 or email

Friday, March 13, 2015

Antique Doll Collector Magazine Group on Flickr

Check out our new Flickr Page, Antique Doll Collector Magazine, along with our older page  under etquest.  Remember the Rendezvous Auction this Monday of Alexanders and the Only Child Auction March 28-29 by Theriault's.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

April Sneak Peek

April Cover 2015
What prompted automata maker Henry Vichy to travel to America at the height of his career? Little is known about his years in America or his life when he returned to Europe. Christian Bailly, author of  “Automata, the Golden Age,” shares fabulous automata and facts gleaned from archival research and family history recounted by Vichy’s great-grandson. Our cover photo features automata to be offered in Auction Team Breker’s upcoming auction on May 30.
Originally introduced 110 years ago to fill a missing page in “La Semaine de Suzette”, Bécassine was an instant success spawning a myriad of Bécassine dolls and objects in her likeness. Samy Odin writes about this much-loved character, the subject of a display being held at the Musée de la Poupée-Paris.
An English town house, formerly in the Flora Gill Jacob collection, is the subject of Elizabeth Bentley Hamilton’s article. Delightful original wall coverings in the Kate Greenaway-style inspired its furnishings and inhabitants.
Simon Halbig’s mold 1469 followed the dictates of prevailing fashion, appearing first as an elegant Edwardian and then in the twenties, as a fascinating flapper. Sharon Hope Weintraub compares the mold used by both Simon and Halbig and Cuno and Otto Dressel.
Margo Delaughter writes about rare and under appreciated cloth dolls in this month’s article. Produced by companies that are rarely known today, their stories are nonetheless fascinating.
Mon Plaisir, a unique miniature world created by Princess Auguste Dorothea (1666-1751) was on the itinerary of last year’s TLC Grand Tour. Words cannot do justice to these amazing room boxes that appear as fresh and colorful as the day they were made. 
Happy Collecting!
P.S. Please visit to take a brief survey which will help us to serve you better.
Antique Doll Collector, P.O. Box 239, Northport, NY 11768
Call us Toll Free at 888-800-2588

From UFDC; Registration Information!

A Dream

        Come True


                 UFDC 66th Annual Convention

         Thursday, July 16th - Sunday, July 19th, 2015  

                         Kansas City, Missouri



We wish to share with you important information regarding convention registration.


General Convention Reservations Open March 15


Due to the high demand for Hotel rooms at our host hotel, the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, we are anticipating a Full Convention. To avoid disappointment please make your Full Reservation early.


Limited Registration will only open once all full registrations are sold.


Information about full convention activities will be sent with registration confirmation after April 15, 2015.


Don't Be Left Out




Register Early


Convention Registration Forms  

May be found in the Winter issue of DOLL NEWS or may be downloaded from the UFDC website,

Antique Doll Collector Mentioned in this Newlsetter

Scroll to the end for the Article Link

Building a General Doll Collection: Part V

Building a General Doll Collection: Part V
We continue building our collection with ancient dolls, medieval dolls, Renaissance, Baroque, and paper dolls.
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Only Child Auction by Theriault's
Only children who collect dolls are my soul sisters in doll collecting.Read more about only daughters who collect dolls and about Theriault's March auction that's even bigger than Texas!  Read more.
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Vive La France; March 9th Rendezvous
Theriault's March 9th Rendezvous features French Dolls and Accessories.
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When I saw Leonard Nimoy at a Doll House Show
In his own way, Leonard Nimoy, admirer of doll houses and miniatures, contributed to doll collecting history.
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Madame Alexander Doll Types
Social Media and Doll Collectors
Intensity by Dean Koontz
Antique Doll Collector, Doll News, and More Doll Mag Reviews
The Definitive Book on the Care and Peservation of Vinyl Dolls

Monday, March 2, 2015

An Interview with Collector and Antique Doll Collector Magazine writer Penny Hadfield

When did you start collecting?...Around 1980

Have your tastes changed over the years?...Yes, I started with American folk dolls, added native American, then china heads, Russians and then I started focusing on the little all bisque dolls.  No matter what I kept for my collection, I always wanted to keep the nicest possible example.

Lydia Face, Penny Hadfield Collection

What are your favorite types of dolls?  I have so many favorites it’s hard to say, but now it would have to be all bisque dolls, small Beltons and French and German characters up to about 14”, and Frozen Charlottes and Charlies too.  

Bonnet Head, Penny Hadfield Collection

What are the characteristics that attract you to a certain doll?  I like to find dolls that are unusual in some way, are in excellent condition, and have interesting faces with expressions that are appealing. I am trying to confine my collecting now to dolls under 14”...and none are too small to appeal to me!  

Oriental French, Penny Hadfield Collection

 Do you sew for your dolls?  Not in less I have fingers don’t work like they used to, and others do lovely work!  

Black Kuhnlenz, Side Face, Penny Hadfield Collection

Are you looking for anything in particular?  I am always looking for early china novelties like whistles and Charlottes molded in tubs...items that were probably lost or destroyed more than a hundred years ago...I have a lot now and seem to be finding only duplicates.  

All Bisque Piggy Flanked by All Bisque Girls, Penny Hadfield Collection