Monday, March 2, 2015

An Interview with Collector and Antique Doll Collector Magazine writer Penny Hadfield

When did you start collecting?...Around 1980

Have your tastes changed over the years?...Yes, I started with American folk dolls, added native American, then china heads, Russians and then I started focusing on the little all bisque dolls.  No matter what I kept for my collection, I always wanted to keep the nicest possible example.

Lydia Face, Penny Hadfield Collection

What are your favorite types of dolls?  I have so many favorites it’s hard to say, but now it would have to be all bisque dolls, small Beltons and French and German characters up to about 14”, and Frozen Charlottes and Charlies too.  

Bonnet Head, Penny Hadfield Collection

What are the characteristics that attract you to a certain doll?  I like to find dolls that are unusual in some way, are in excellent condition, and have interesting faces with expressions that are appealing. I am trying to confine my collecting now to dolls under 14”...and none are too small to appeal to me!  

Oriental French, Penny Hadfield Collection

 Do you sew for your dolls?  Not in less I have fingers don’t work like they used to, and others do lovely work!  

Black Kuhnlenz, Side Face, Penny Hadfield Collection

Are you looking for anything in particular?  I am always looking for early china novelties like whistles and Charlottes molded in tubs...items that were probably lost or destroyed more than a hundred years ago...I have a lot now and seem to be finding only duplicates.  

All Bisque Piggy Flanked by All Bisque Girls, Penny Hadfield Collection

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