Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kewpies and Kewpiesta

Who doesn't love Kewpies?  I've loved them since I was a toddler, finding them in vinyl at Grant's, Zayre's, and elsewhere.  I bought cards, paper dolls, statues, the famous Lefton Kewpies, anything.  My latest finds were Valentine Kewpies holding red hearts, apparently also Lefton, purchased from our local Discover Shop.

My first Kewpie arrived from Zayre's Department Store, and was the 7 inch high, more or less, example, with a one piece vinyl body and a sort of "squeaker" in its back.  It was a Cameo vinyl doll.  The first Kewpie I remember seeing was knockoff vinyl Kewpie at the toy giveaway my friend Karla Warner's family was having.  I was six, and came away with several little dolls I still have, but somehow I missed that one!
Kewpie dolls, and their creator, Rose O'Neill, intrigue me.  Like their creator, the cherubic little dolls show infinite dimensions in their personalities.
Below is information for this year's festival celebrating  all things Kewp, Kewpiesta!  I hope you all can make it :)

Courtesy, Theriault's

The theme for 2015 is "Kewpies on Vacation"! Lots of opportunities for great window displays! The dates are 4/15 - 4/19 .

For more information, see The International Rose O' Neill Club Foundation.

Kewpiesta has a Facebook Page, as well.

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