Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Love Shirley Temple Exhibition and Auction

I should probably address this to the late Shirley herself, and call it, "Love, Ellen."  Since the age of 8, I have loved all things Shirley. My first collectible was a blue glass mug with her image. Later, I read an article where Shirley said that when she received one of the famous mugs, she put it in her dishwasher, and soon had a lovely collection of blue glass.  I hope she was joking.  In November 1988, I was just out of school and living in San Jose.  I was lucky enough to get her signature on my copy of "Child Star."  She also admire the sweater I was wearing, a Jennifer Moore number with a little Inuit girl appliqued on it.  She asked me where I bought it, and I could barely croak out "Macy's!" 

When I was 11, many of the dolls sent to her by fans were featured in an issue of  "Photoplay." They were to be displayed in the lobby of Stanford Children's Hospital.  That summer I saw them, and my Uncle Tom, an artist who brought me a doll every week, photographed them. In 1990, I saw the dolls there again, and took my own photos.  Soon after, Ms. Temple took them home.

Now, as featured in ads in the April 2015 issue of "Antique Doll Collector", dolls, costumes, and memorabilia belonging to Shirley Temple will go on exhibition, with an auction of the entire personal collection to be auctioned by Theriault's July 14, 2015.  For exhibition dates and more information, check out our April 2015 issue and go to theriault'  Phone: 800-638-0422. Don't miss this opportunity to dance one more time, on the deck of The Good Ship Lollipop!!

Dolls that Belonged to Shirley Temple, Courtesy Theriault's

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