Friday, March 20, 2015

Past 6000 Views and Great Advice from Theriault's on Bidding!

We thank our viewers and readers, nearly 6000 since we began last fall!  Below, tips from the Dollmasters themselves, Theriault's, on bidding.  Don't forget the Only Child Auction!

  1. Bid. It starts with a want, a click, and a simple process of trying. If you don’t try we can promise just one thing: nothing will happen and that empty part of your cabinet will remain and require continued dusting.

  2. Register. It takes just two minutes (yes, we timed it...ok, not really, so let’s call it three minutes). Or, if you are already registered, just sign in for the Las Vegas event at the Bellagio next weekend, March 28-29th, and prepare to engage. One sign-in works for both days and one lucky number. It’s possible that Paddle Number 777 is still up for grabs! Register now!

  3. Prebid. Has your spouse insisted that you go to the hot dog eating contest at the local county fair next weekend? No worries, you have two options: you can feign a stomach ailment and stay home to bid live or just enter your prebids now (it’s so easy!) and the Proxibid system will execute them for you in a competitive manner while you stand at the fair and ask yourself “Why am I at a hot dog eating contest?”

  4. Bid Live. There is something fun and wonderfully special about bidding in a bathrobe (anything less than a bathrobe we prefer not to know). Really, who doesn’t love their home and a perfect chair? Of course, you’re missing out when considering that to see the dolls and be a part of the event is an unsurpassed experience. But, despite the fact that Stuart’s jokes are just as bad online as they are in person, you will still get the feel, experience a connection, and share in the joy of special moments that are so unique to the auction experience.

  5. Go Back to Step 2. No matter what you choose as your way to bid, just make sure you register now. And, even if you have no intent on bidding, the registration will make auctions in the future so much easier to log in to. As well, since you are maybe wondering: it costs nothing, asks for little, and opens up the potential of that moment when the doll you dreamed of is actually in your budget.

  6. Hot Fudge Sundaes. We have them for our attendees. But, we have not perfected a way to get them to you at home. So, for now, at 1:00PM this is your excuse to make your own perfect sundae at home and join us for the signature moment at every Theriault auction. If you happen to reside in Stuttgart and have no idea what a hot fudge sundae is, no problem. Just make the most perfect dessert that you really should not be eating and...enjoy!

  7. Watch. It’s really quite fun. Florence will interrupt. Stuart will do Creche figure impersonations. The crowd will yawn and roll their eyes. It is, in classic Theriault tradition, the most anti-auction auction environment ever. Really, isn’t this what makes it all so fun?

  8. Be Ready. “Just when you thought you were out they pulled you back in!” Yes, it happens. The best buyers, the buyers who build great collections on a budget, they know one thing...“the special secret.” That is: intensity and paying attention will find you the sleeper that others are missing during that one particular day. It’s your moment. This is when you rise to the occasion. Every auction has them and, in the case of Theriault’s, they usually happen right around the time we open the hot fudge sundae bar.

  9. No Extra Charge. We hate nickel and diming. Really, we do. That’s why Theriault’s has the lowest buyer’s premium of any established auction house in the world. As other auction houses look to pass the cost to you, we look to find ways to get the doll to you in the most reasonable way possible. And, Internet bidders pay the same as every other bidder. How about those beans? Beans you can count as savings towards going one more bid or buying one more doll.

  10. Our style is your style. We are not interested in selling one hundred lots an hour. Really, we are enjoying the excitement of collecting and your joy within the hunt. Why rush it? It should be the best part of your day, your week, your month; not the fastest. So, you will find live Internet bidding a perfect complement to the “Theriault Style.” What’s the “Theriault Style” you ask? Fun! And the fair chance for all to “bring home a doll”.

And this is where it all starts.
Just one click to fun and the doll
of your dreams.

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"Only Child, Session I"
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