Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Unusual Custom Gnome Doll by Robin Thompson, Robin's Mini Furniture

Remember the gnomes?  Besides the garden statues that are popular today, there was a book called "Gnomes" that was very popular.  Nearly 40 years ago, there were gnome dolls, Christmas ornaments, cards, you name it. Dr. Tom Clark made them famous with his figurines.  Here is a custom, artist made gnome woman that is a treasured doll of our web designer, Lisa Ambrose.

Gnome Woman, Courtesy, Lisa Ambrose

Here, in Lisa's own words, is the story behind the gnome doll:

When I was a kid one of my favorite books was "Gnomes". I loved the beautiful watercolor illustrations as well as the way it was written.

A few months ago I happened to come across the book while cleaning house, and when I saw the picture of the nude lady gnome, I had a great idea! Why not ask Robin Thompson if she could carve me a lady gnome!

Well my dream has come true and I could not be happier!

Every time I look at her I smile.


  1. hi,

    i've got an original gnome-woman *gg*

    she costs only € 5,-- and i was very happy about this.

    I tried to send you a photo but I can't find a button for this. So I can't show you my original-Gnome-Lady, which I called "Helga".

    Be blessed

  2. She sounds lovely! Thanks for writing. I have a few gnome figures and vinyl dolls from when they first came out years ago. Take care, and write any time. Ellen