Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann!

In just a matter of days, Raggedy Ann will turn 100! She has been popular from day one. I have many wonderful memories of her, and have many vintage Raggedies in my collection, along with other Raggedy objects.  Look for posts to come featuring her story, as well as interesting links about her. For example, did you know that she was the subject of a lawsuit between her creator Johnny Gruelle and Molley Goldman? Closer to home, Ann and Andy are the names of my next-door neighbors! Raggedy Ann inspired all things good for me when I was growing up, including kindness towards others and a love of reading.  My third grade teacher used to read to us from the Raggedy Ann books on a regular basis.  Even the boys listened quietly to the adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy.  What are your favorite stories involving Raggedy Ann and Andy?  Please share them with us by commenting on our blog.

A Variety of Soft dolls from the Love, Shirley Temple Auction
including Raggedy Andy. Courtesy, Theriault's.

Volland Ann and Andy, Blackler Collection.  Courtesy, Theriault's

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