Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jumeau Reclame Bebe

In the August "Antique Doll Collector Magazine"  is an ad for a lovely doll, The Jumeau Reclame Bebe. The ad is by Mary Ann Spinelli.  This is just one of the lovely doll's that are pictured among the pages of our magazine. She is 18 1/3 inches high with "Au Louvre Paris" stamped on her shoe. According to Susan Robison of "Dolls and Lace" on Rubylane, "This sweet antique Jumeau doll is referred to as a Bebe Reclame, due to the "scrubbed" Tete Jumeau mark at the back of her head." The marks were at first "scrubbed," then removed, because Jumeau sold these dolls to various department stores, like Louvre, who would then sell them under their on name.  There is another lovely example on Doll Shops United, at, The Faraway Antique Shop.

Also featured in the August issue are some lovely photos from the Gaithersburg Doll Show.  Antique Dolls seem to be more popular than ever, with many wonderful examples coming to light.  Happy collecting!

Marion Maus Display, Gaithersburg Doll Show

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