Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some Notes and Comments on our September Issue

When I was growing up and in school in the 80s, September was Doll Collecting month, and many displays of interesting dolls would pop up.  I have to say that this year's September issue is an interesting doll exhibit condensed into magazine form!

I though I would comment on a couple points, especially the recent auctions and auction results.

It isn't that money is my thing; my dolls range from the sublime to the ridiculous in value and type. I wouldn't have it any other way.  Yet, it is good to see that dolls are still a healthy investment, in light of the shenanigans going on on Wall Street this week, especially.  Also, the prices realize give dolls and collectors of antique dolls, respect.  Fine antiques have entered the realm of fine art, so for these reasons, I like to comment on auction results from time to time.

"Love, Shirley Temple" by Theriault's took place July 14, and was a production in itself, with Shirley Temples served to all and music and film clips from Temple's films.  The iconic polka dot "Stand up and Cheer" dress fetched a whopping $75,000, which made very one present, well, stand up and cheer!  The 69 inch Iki-Ningyo, or living Japanese doll, my favorite, sold for $13,000.  I have photos of her from when she was on display at Stanford Children's Hospital, and I'm proudly standing next to her in one photo, taken when I had just turned 11.  The doll is bigger than I am!

Mystery German Character from our July Cover

Even after the frenzied excitement of "Love, Shirley Temple", Theriault's "Among Friends" realized amazing and impressive prices for unusual French and German Bisque dolls.  For instance, A Bebe A.T. size 9 realized $31,000, while a German Bisque  doll protrait by a mystery doll maker fetched $42,500, well above the $30,000-something estimate. Her dour, realistic face fairly screams "I told you so!!"

69 inch Japanese Doll

A gorgeous character, Model 152 by Simon and Halbig fetched $26,000.  A petite and lovely Bebe A.T. size 1, also by Andre Thuillier , brought $40,000.

Frasher's also had an auction going on July 15 during Convention week.  My favorite, a very rare French bisque art character by Van Rozen, about 1915, sold for $11,200.  This doll has great provenance, she used to "live" in the Dorothy Dixon and Winnie Langley collection.  I'd love to see a catalog of this collection from its auction, if there is one.  And, if anyone knows where the pewter head Huret from this collection went, please let me know!

Model 152 Simon and Halbig

McMasters Harris two day auction took place July 29-30.  A lovely, 12 inch Schmitt, marked bisque heads, pierced ears, and straight wrist comp/wood body, sold for $14,750.

Many more great doll events are scheduled for this month and this fall, including one in Paris!  Read about all of them in our September issue.  Happy Collecting!

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