Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Few Words with Alan Scott Pate

I have been studying and dealing in Japanese dolls since 1993. It is a subject I never grow tired of and only seem to grow more impassioned with each passing year. Traveling to Japan as often as I do, and seeing as many Japanese dolls (ningyo) as I do, my tastes have grown both more targeted and expansive. One could say more refined. Whereas originally I looked for only 18th and 19th century Edo period pieces, I now enjoy and find beauty in dolls of all periods, but have a very, very high quality level threshold. My current obsession is art dolls of the 1930’s with artists like Hirata Goyo II (1903-1981) and his younger brother Hirata Yoko (1906-1975). And, of course, the Japanese Friendship Dolls of 1927. My new book on the Friendship Dolls will be released at the UFDC National Convention in July. Although, I am still a sucker for a great Edo Period warrior doll….

Sosaku Ningyo by Hirata Goyo II of a young boy with chick, circa 1935    

Edo Period Mitsuore Girl, Circa 1850

Japanese Friendship Doll, Miss Wakayama, by Hirata Goyo II, 1927

Edo Period Musha Ningyo of Minamoto Yoshitsune, Circa 1820

Sosaku Ningyo by Hirata Yoko of a young boy, Circa 1935

February Sneak Peek!!

Feb. 2016
Superlative hardly begins to describe our cover! There can be no doubt that some dolls are true works of art. This rare and all original couple, a striking likeness of King Edward and Queen Alexandra by the gifted sculptor and wax modeler Charles Ernest Pierotti, are in their full ceremonial attire. Author Claire K. Davies details their construction and ornate costuming, a tribute to British royal history and the artistry of Pierotti.

Steiff has long been famous for their center-seamed dolls, but beginning in the early 1920’s, they had been experimenting to develop a doll made from seamless pressed felt. Eliminating the center seam on their cloth dolls proved to be a challenging venture. Rebekah Kaufman writes about these dolls that are difficult to find in today’s marketplace.

François and Danielle Theimer write about Jumeau fashion, a subject near and dear to their heart. In their esteemed opinion the  soul of this illustrious firm was the woman who dressed the poupées and bébés in style and elegance, Ernestine Stéphanie Jumeau, the wife of Emile Louis Jumeau.

Sadly, many European museums have closed in recent years, yet one, the Musée de la Poupée continues to delight and expand. A recent visit showcases some of its treasures.

Margaret Gay Kincaid shares her love of Old Paris China, sold in elegant Parisian shops with only the shop label to identify it. As well as full-sized pieces, delightful patterns were hand painted on tiny china for children and dolls. 
Last year’s UFDC special exhibit, “American Women Dream in Cloth: Cottage Industry 1840-1930” was exceptional. This is part II of an unforgettable viewing experience.
We love the tiny all bisque dolls dressed in crocheted costumes…the diminutive animals are just as precious! Sharon Hope Weintraub shares these delightful critters from Carl Horn Nachf and Hertwig and Company.
Back to the good ol’ days…1941 when Kimport Dolls was busy locating dolls from around the world and publishing their finds in the tiny publication “Doll Talk.” We take a fun look back at an earlier era in doll collecting.
What a great issue this is! All this plus an exciting look at results from the recent Theriault’s auctions in Newport Beach, CA. 
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Doll Displays; Ideas from our Readers Wanted!

With the new year, many collectors become inspired with ways to display their treasures.  We'd love to have our Readers share their display ideas with us!  Pictures, and a short description of what inspired the display and why you like it, maybe 5-6 sentences, would be great!  Send them to

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Automata Featured in Unusual Auction

I love unusual automata, and this auction has them, along with many other great objects.  My favorite is French Maid Dusting, where a French bisque headed automaton dusts a painting on an easel.  This one will be on February 6, 2016.  There is more information about artist and collector Candice Groot and about the auction at

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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Checkeni Multi Face Head, Courtesy Theriault's