Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Few Words with Alan Scott Pate

I have been studying and dealing in Japanese dolls since 1993. It is a subject I never grow tired of and only seem to grow more impassioned with each passing year. Traveling to Japan as often as I do, and seeing as many Japanese dolls (ningyo) as I do, my tastes have grown both more targeted and expansive. One could say more refined. Whereas originally I looked for only 18th and 19th century Edo period pieces, I now enjoy and find beauty in dolls of all periods, but have a very, very high quality level threshold. My current obsession is art dolls of the 1930’s with artists like Hirata Goyo II (1903-1981) and his younger brother Hirata Yoko (1906-1975). And, of course, the Japanese Friendship Dolls of 1927. My new book on the Friendship Dolls will be released at the UFDC National Convention in July. Although, I am still a sucker for a great Edo Period warrior doll….

Sosaku Ningyo by Hirata Goyo II of a young boy with chick, circa 1935    

Edo Period Mitsuore Girl, Circa 1850

Japanese Friendship Doll, Miss Wakayama, by Hirata Goyo II, 1927

Edo Period Musha Ningyo of Minamoto Yoshitsune, Circa 1820

Sosaku Ningyo by Hirata Yoko of a young boy, Circa 1935

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