Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bebe Gigoteur

This is Ellen, Dir. of Social Media for ADC Magazine.  I guess it's true good things come to collectors who wait.  

At a recent antique show, I found my dream doll at the booth run by Summer Kitchen antiques.  She is a mint Bebe Gigoteur by Steiner.

I pause here to mention that anyone who wants to learn more about Steiner doll should consult Dorothy McGonagle's amazing book about them, "The Dolls of Jules Nicholas Steiner with Historical Perspective."

Bebe Gigoteur dates from the 1880s, probably 1885 or so.

Jules Nicholas Steiner, 1832-1902, was a clock maker by trade.  As early as 1855, he received patents for mechanical dolls. 

The doll pictured could be a twin to mine; we thank Theriault's for allowing me to use their photo.  My doll has a light brown wig and white bonnet, as well as her original shoes and stockings.  These white dresses are lovely and appear on several of these dolls.

For more on Steiner, see Carl Fox "The Doll", and the entry on Steiner in Vol 1, The Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls by the Colemans.

Courtesy, Theriaul's

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