Sunday, April 3, 2016

"The Early French Fashion Doll Shops of Paris"

Those who love antique French dolls are in for a treat with our April 2016 issue, where April in Paris is truly a theme with us!  Samy Odin has written a wonderful article called "A Walk in the Parisian District of Early French Fashion Doll Shops."  Our byline reads "the author imagines how the areas in Paris where luxury doll shops once flourished must have looked under the reign of Napoleon III."
Samy Odin has done a fantastic job in this article, which is lavishly illustrated, complete with maps. I can't tell how wonderful I think the illustrations and map are.  In the late 80s, I was just out of school and researching articles and doll books. We didn't have The Internet at our fingertips, and we certainly didn't have Amazon to track down doll books for us!  I wrote a mystery story about a doll maker that involved the Jumeau firm.  I couldn't find any old maps of Paris, only descriptions of the Parisian District.  My friend, Mary Hillier, tried to help me with great tips and suggestions, and her general recollection of the area.  It wasn't easy.  To channel another film, the last time I saw Paris, I was 9 years old!  At any rate, this article is a must for anyone interested in French Fashion dolls.

Many wonderful French dolls also appear in this month's ads, as well as more great articles, including one on the dolls of Bernard Ravca, "Bernard Ravca's Real People" by Dominique Pennegues.  I have my own wonderful memories of exchanging a letter or two with Mr. Ravca, and of comparing notes on this work with my friend and pen pal, R. Lane Herron.  Lane is a doll artist and doll author of longstanding.  This piece features many rare documents, photos, and dolls of Ravca and his dolls.

So, these are just some thoughts of your Director of Social Media on antique and vintage French dolls, perhaps her favorites of all dolls ever made.  Happy Collecting!

Another View of our April Cover for 2016

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