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Toy Soldiers, 2016

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To Lucasta, Going to the Wars

By Richard Lovelace (1618-1657)

The Poetry Foundation. (Retrieved from http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poets/detail/richard-lovelace)



Tell me not (Sweet) I am unkind,

         That from the nunnery

Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind

         To war and arms I fly.


True, a new mistress now I chase,

         The first foe in the field;

And with a stronger faith embrace

         A sword, a horse, a shield.


Yet this inconstancy is such

         As you too shall adore;

I could not love thee (Dear) so much,

         Lov’d I not Honour more.



Probably, you will remember Lovelace was one of The Cavalier Poets, writers, gentleman, and soldiers who supported King Charles I. This poem has always touched me deeply, and during this time fame that honors Memorial Day, The 72nd Anniversary of The Normandy Invasion, Flag Day, and The 4th of July, I decided now was the time to write about solider dolls.  I come from a military family; someone in my family has served since the Balkan Wars through The Gulf War.  One grandfather saw military action in the Balkans as a very young man, and then served in World War I.  At 41, he was drafted for World War II.  My other grandfather volunteered for World War I; he was on his way to France, when Armistice was declared.  He then participated in recognizance.  My Dad was in NATO, and held a Selective Service Card for The Vietnam War.  My Uncle Tom, who contributed many dolls to my collection, served in Korea.  My Cousin Michael served with The National Guard during Vietnam, and Uncle Charley served during World War II.  Cousin Steve served during The Gulf War. My Godfather was air force; so was my father-in-law.


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Below is a photo study of dolls representing soldiers around the world, especially the United States, in honor of the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces to keep Freedom safe.


For more, read my chapter on Toy Soldiers in “With Love from Tin Lizzie; A History of Metal Heads, Metal Dolls, Mechanical Dolls, and Automatons. 





Image result for american flag images public domain


Public Domain



Image result for american flag images public domain

Public Domain


Antique George Washington Candy Container, Courtesy, Theriault’s






Greek Costume Dolls, Wax over Papier Mache, woman wears

Traditional outfit with dowry coins, and the man is wearing the costume of the

Evzon, or Greek Royal Guard. Tsagaris collection.


George Washington by Debbie Ritter, Uneek Doll Designs. Courtesy, the artist




From Normandy at time of Invasion, Public Domain Image



 Left, Peggy Nisbet Doll of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

In the uniform worn for Trooping the Colours.  The other dolls are Welsh. Tsagaris collection.


Prince Albert Portrait in Bisque. Courtesy, Theriault’s.


Modern Patriotic Dolls from our friend, Darlene




Christopher Columbus by Kathy Redmond.  Tsagaris collection.


Jack the Doll, dressed as Zoave soldier.  Based on a Sanitary Fair doll once owned by the children of Abraham Lincoln.  Public Domain Image and Tsagaris collection, available at the Lincoln Museum, Springfield, IL.


French Fashion men Dressed as  Military Figures. Courtesy, Theriault’s.




Courtesy, Theriault’s




Greek Evzon, c. 1960.  One of my First Dolls.

Tsagaris collection, photo by Dino Milani.


Wax Vivandiere, formally The Blackler Collection, Courtesy, Theriault’s.




German Bisque  Character Sailor. Courtesy, Theriault’s.



French Bisque Sailor Girl, Courtesy, Theriault’s


Bru in Scots Uniform. Courtesy, Theriault’s


Boudicca, or Boadicea, Celtic Queen of The Iceni,

Debbie Ritter, Uneek Doll Designs.  Photo by the artist.  Tsagaris collection.


Vintage Printed Cloth Doll representing a character from

Rumer Godden’s novel about a doll house, “Home is the Sailor.”



Close-up Antique Japanese Samurai, Courtesy Alan Scott Pate.


Bisque Kewpie Soldier, Courtesy Antique Doll Collector Magazine


Raynal Lenci Type.  Courtesy, Antique Doll Collector Magazine.

French, Papier Mache War Memorial Doll [World War I] Composition body.  I have a similar doll with a tag that reads “EDEN.”  Courtesy, Caroline Johnson.


8 inch Madame Alexander.  Courtesy, Caroline Johnson.



Japanese Bisque Soldier, Courtesy, Caroline Johnson



Magnificent Simon and Halbig Doll dressed as Joan of Arc

Courtesy, Theriault’s



Public Domain



Uncle Sam, Public Domain


King Tut’s Chariot, Putnam Museum

King Tut Exhibit

Photo by Mitchell Milani


Diorama: African Warriors, Milwaukee Museum

Photo by Ellen Tsagaris


Charles Lindbergh, also a collector of Automatons.

Best friend of Sam Pryor, former Pan AM VP with a

World famous doll collection.  Tsagaris Collection.

Photo by Jerry Lowe

Wolverine Mechanical Soldier.  Tsagaris collection.  Photo by Dino Milani


Assorted Nutcrackers, Tsagaris Collection

Displayed at German American Heritage Center. Photo by Dino Milani.



Toy Soldiers.  Fanakos collection.  Courtesy, Chuck Fanakos

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