Sunday, September 18, 2016

October 2016 Sneak Peek!

It is always exciting when a previously unknown rare doll or toy is discovered. Auction Team Breker will offer such a discovery on November 5 when they sell Gustave Vichy’s “Eccentric Clown,” an unusually large piece  measuring nearly forty inches. You’ll read about this and other important automata in our October issue.
The amazing realistic sculpture of Pierre Imans wax mannequins is truly astounding. Samy Odin recently purchased a pre-WWI two-volume catalog featuring Imans’ creations and began his research into this company. The techniques used in their manufacture were similar to poured wax dolls.
Elizabeth Bentley Hamilton’s found her passion when she purchased a late nineteenth century dolls’ house from France. Containing wonderful furnishings, two of the dolls captured her attention and decided the theme, “Wedding Day Preparations.”
It’s that time of year when we reveal the UFDC blue ribbon winners, a very special highlight of the annual convention. In our October issue we bring you the exciting results in the first of two parts.
Ursula Mertz writes about a  charming American composition doll labeled “Flossie Fisher’s Own Doll” inspired by a popular game in the “Ladies Home Journal.” Not only a doll, but china and tin dollhouse furniture resulted from  Helene Nyce’s very successful Flossie Fisher’s Funnies’.
We also bring you a look at this year’s National Doll Festival!
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