Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dolls and ADC beat the Winter Blahs!

Beating the Winter Blahs with Dolls and Antique Doll Collector Magazine
Wooden Nellie, Courtesy Theriault's
We all know the feeling; it is winter; March is more than a crocus blossom away, a future memory of lions and lambs.  Everyone has cabin fever, and everyone has had it with snow, ice, snowplows, and sniffles.  So, how do we make it to the homestretch without going snow-mad?  Dolls are the answer!  Below are my tips for beating the winter blahs with dolls:
1.       Joint Pinterest and start a Board.  There are terrific boards on dolls and doll-related items.  Mine are Doll Collection, Women’s Apparel and Holidays. Try Antique Doll Collector Magazine for fun boards based on a great publication.
2.       Surf eBay for collector’s guides.  When you watch an item, there is a new feature that reads “add to collection” where you can save pictures and information for items you like, similar to Pinterest, above.
3.       Join Facebook; there are terrific pages for dolls and doll stores.  Ask to join the group, and if it is not closed, and administrator who invites people in will include you.  Antique Doll Collector Magazine and Friends of Antique Doll Collector Magazine are great sites.
4.       Explore other social media like Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr  or doll related photos and images. You can also set up albums of your own doll photos on Google and on the social media discussed above.
5.       Visit The Library of Congress online at and explore resources for dolls, including thousands of photos and other images.  You can also explore titles for doll books, and then visit your own library to “read more about it.”  As a fledgling doll maker, I loved the library for its copy machine which allowed me to make paper dolls and to add to my research files.  Also, check out any library cafes [we have to eat] and book sales.
6.       Dust and rearrange your doll displays.  Facebook and Pinterest are great places to get ideas, as is our own Doll Collecting site.
7.       Check out the new dolls available at the big box stores, department stores, and doll shops.  Look online if you do not live near shopping centers,  Again, libraries are a good place to use computers, as are your Smartphones, iPods, Tablets, and other hand held devices.
8.       Look for clearances sales, and think outside the doll house.  Craft stores, hobby shops, fabric s stores, and gift shops are great sources for dolls, books, related items, and supplies for doll making, doll clothes, repairs, and miniature projects.
9.       Make a doll, visit places described in 8, or go to Etsy for inspiration.  You can favorite certain stores and sellers and get newsletters.  If nothing else, make a snowman; technically, they are dolls.
10.   Watch movies about dolls and toys: Toy Story, Child of Glass, Dolls, Dollie Dearest, Shirleymania
Barbie Nation, Barbie Films, Raggedy Ann Films, Documentaries, etc.
11.   Check out films on YouTube about dolls; good searches are Doll Collection, Doll Museum, Dolls History, names of dolls like Monster High, Barbie Collection, Names of stores and specific museums.
12.   Find a doll blog, like Doll Museum or Dr. E’s Doll Museum Blog, and post something nice.
13.   Take a walk
14.   Start a doll club
15.   Get on the Speakers’ Bureau to talk about dolls, do a doll talk, hold a class, and take a class, e.g., how to photograph dolls. Look at Tom Kelley’s shots of Marilyn and dolls, and Tom Kelley, Jr.’s work, too.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Sneak Peek for January!

It's so hard to believe Christmas is around the corner; then, after all the sound and fury, it will be gone in a poof!  To help assuage that post-Christmas "bluedom" here is a taste of our fabulous January issue.  If you love doll eye candy, you will find this issue very sweet.

We have an article that presents real food for thought in the article "Nostalgia or Propaganda; Souvenir Dolls and the Franco Regime."  As someone who visited and went to school in Spain, and who was a Spanish major, I find this piece intriguing.

Our review of the UFDC exhibit will continue with Part IV and some truly stunning dolls will parade their way across your page.  To inspire you, we have a pattern for a Huret doll; sewing it will help pass the time on those cold, winter nights.

We also have much more, including doll shows, auction reports, articles, and auction listings.  Consider the January Issue as our contribution to the Twelve Days of  Christmas, and have a happy and save holiday season!

Image result for antique doll collector magazine
Courtesy, Antique Doll Collector Magazine

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Museo de la muñeca del Dr. E: ¿Qué le das al coleccionista de muñecas que tiene ...

Museo de la muñeca del Dr. E: ¿Qué le das al coleccionista de muñecas que tiene ...: ¿Qué le das al coleccionista de muñecas que tiene todo ? ¡Una suscripción a Revista de coleccionista de muñeca antiguo ! Anticuario de ...

Antique Doll Collector for the Collector who has Everything!

What do you give to the doll collector who has everything? A subscription to Antique Doll Collector Magazine!   Antique Doll Collector has been the premier publication for all things dealing with vintage and antique dolls for twenty years.


Even those who collect modern dolls will find useful and intriguing information between the pages of ADC.  Our collectibles column features current doll artists and showcases the influence of antique doll makers on doll artists today.


The auction and doll show notifications make it possible for all doll collectors to find their dream dolls.  We also feature fascinating articles written by doll experts, world-wide auction previews and results, show reviews, calendar listings, extensive coverage of the national UFDC convention, visits to museums, a look at the latest books... everything you need to make informed decisions and enhance your love of doll collecting.


These are just a few of the topics we cover: French Bébés • Chinas • Papier-Mache • German Bisque • Fashion Dolls • Cloth Dolls • Patterns • All Bisques • Hard Plastic • Wooden Dolls • Characters • American Composition • Wax • Parian • Dollhouses and Miniatures • Doll Clothing.


It’s easy to subscribe, and you can pay with PayPal as well as other flexible means.  We welcome International Subscribers, too. 


We aren’t just limited to print, either.  Our website offers patterns, more information on buying dolls, chances to buy back issues, and index to back issues and more.  We are also on Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, ISSUU, Facebook, and other social media.  Visit our Antique Doll Collector Magazine Blog for a chance to read interviews with doll authors, artists, add collectors, more monthly sneak peeks, photos, and a chance to comment.   


Don’t wait any longer!  Give the gift of Antique Doll Collector to your doll collecting friends, and don’t forget to give your self the gift of a subscription, too!


After all, if dolls could read, we are they magazine they would subscribe to.  Happy Collecting and Merry Christmas!!

Antique Doll Collector Magazine : Santas Redux

Antique Doll Collector Magazine : Santas Redux

Santas Redux

Our December issue this year includes an article on Santa dolls as part of our Collectibles Column.  Gift givers are part of every culture ever known.  Santa Claus promotes gift giving and generosity, so we at ADC want to share that spirit with all of your this Holiday Season. Below are some photos of various types of vintage Santas as an appendix to our article, the eye candy dessert to our main course, if you will!  Merry Christmas and Peace to all in 2018!

Vintage Raffia Santa posed with other old ornaments and a Vintage S&P
of Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Blue Father Christmas is a Vintage example from Sears Santas of the World.  Tree is a box
featuring Victorian Lithographs.  Painting, upper right, is by acclaimed European Artist, Ruth Vamos, c. 1970s.

Charming Foil Santa, 7 inches, mid 19801

Large Santa is Cloth and Foam, c. 1950s-60s. Smaller is a Hand painted Artist example, 1980s

Rubber Santa, similar to Dolls by Sun Rubber, 1960s

Life  sized Vintage Santa

Vintage Beeswax German Agnel
Amberg Victory Doll Posing with Vintage Santa and Mouse

Mrs. Claus

1960s Caroler and a Fossil!

Give the Gift that Keep Giving and Delighting! Antique Doll Collector Magazine!!


5 inch All Bisque, barefoot.  courtesy, Antique Doll Collector Magazine

OUR GUARANTEE: We're so sure that you'll love Antique DOLL Collector, we guarantee it!
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Theriault's Upcoming Auctions

Upcoming Theriault's Auctions, courtesy Theriault's

Saturday, December 9, 2017
Elan: December 9, 2017 Estate Antique Doll Auction at Theriault's in Annapolis, Maryland
Sunday, December 10, 2017
Elan: December 10, 2017 Estate Antique Doll Auction at Theriault's in Annapolis, Maryland
Friday, December 15, 2017
Ten2Go: December 15, 2017 at The Crowne Plaza (formerly Sheraton), Annapolis, Maryland
Saturday, January 6, 2018
Marquis: Antique Doll Auction, Saturday, January 6, 2018 at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California
Sunday, January 7, 2018
Marquis: Antique Doll Auction, Saturday, January 7, 2018 at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California

Doll Auction December 13th Tom Harris Auction

December 13 Doll Auction- Tom Harris Auction

The Mrs. Velma Brown Estate Auction
Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 10 AM
Lifetime Collection of over 500 Antique and Collectable DOLLS from Waterloo, Iowa

Thursday, November 30, 2017

December Sneak Peek!

I'll give you a hint, Santa Claus is definitely in town with this month's ADC collectibles column! Read about the history of St. Nick and dolls made in his honor, then browse our auction listings, user friendly, colorful ads, and doll show announcements to find the Christmas doll of your dreams.

Santas by Robert Jackson, Jackson's Antiques

Be sure to check out our gift guide for doll gift ideas!

What could be more festive than an Izannah Walker holiday party!! One of our feature articles invites you to join into just such a joyous occasion.  The dolls are amazing as usual, and inspiring to see during the holidays.

The jewel in the crown of this issue is on our cover, a resplendent Rochard doll, complete with her Stanhope jewels graces it.  She is among the rarest of all rare dolls, and you can read about her amid our pages.

Theriault's will feature an auction close to our hearts of dolls that are, well, family, the Kaonis collection of Brownies.

Plus, read more about rare French doll history, one doll detective's search for a special doll, an auction of Steiff rarities, UFDC exhibits, and much more!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

December Interview with Karin Freeman from From the Beauty of Dolls Facebook Group

Vintage Barbie, Courtesy Karin

When did you start collecting dolls?

1. I was about 10 years old. Always love my dolls, but in late 90s I started collecting again as an adult. I still had my childhood dolls, and my daughter's.

Do you have any favorites?

2. Yes, my favorites are antique composition doll, but I like any older dolls. My collection has everything from Barbie to Chatty Cathy ! I have the whole collection of the First Lady Madam Alexander dolls. I am not one to spend a fortune on a doll. I'll buy the ones that need TLC, but don't get me wrong I have spent a little ! LOL

Very nice vintage Ken as we all know and love him!
Courtesy, Karin Freeman

What dolls can't you live without?
3. Composition are my all time favorites.

Barbie's Faithful Friend Midge, Rhoda to
Barbie's Mary!  Very nice vintage outfit, too.
Courtesy, Karin Freeman

What attracts you to a certain doll?

4. The face,  they look sad.

Do you sew for your dolls?

5. Yes like I said , I'll buy the ones that need TLC and fix them up. My granddaughter is 3 and she wants to help.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

6. No , I just buy what I like.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Interview with Lorraine Ford of The Beauty of Dolls; Vintage and New

 This month, we are sharing an interview with my Facebook friend, Lorraine Ford.  Lorraine is a member of two of my favorite groups, including one devoted to "Walda" dolls and The Beauty of Dolls.  She is a master at doll display and has a wonderful, eclectic collection.  Her Halloween dolls inspire awe and envy, and she is generous with her treasures and friendly.

An Assortment of Old Compo Dolls.  Courtesy, Lorraine Ford


1. Tell us when you started to collect.

I started collecting dolls about 20 years ago

2. Describe the dolls you started to collect first and how your tastes have change.

I used to collect only old or vintage and Barbies. My mom bought me the Xmas one for the last 10 years. Then,  I got a few Monster High dolls.  I also  have some of the Disney princess dolls.

Courtesy, Lorraine Ford

 3.  Describe some of your favorite dolls to collect.

Old bisque, composition.

A Lovely Display Including Yolanda Bello and Royal Doulton Figurines

4.  Tell us what some of your favorite types of dolls are.

I love old worn loved dolls. They make me cry. I

want to save them all.

Courtesy, Lorraine Ford. Great Teddies!

5. Tell us if you like to sew for your dolls.

 I have hand sewed dresses for dolls. I think they deserve that much.

Tell us what you are looking for.

A Great Variety of Dolls!
Courtesy, Lorraine Ford

Living Dead Dolls Admired by Lorraine, courtesy Lorraine Ford

6. Tell us about any dolls you might be looking for.

I'm not looking, but if I come across any old dolls I can afford, I would be interested

And I have started collecting Walda dolls. They is so misunderstood


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Paradise Galleries

I found the blog and social media for Paradise Galleries, long a maker of porcelain dolls, but now making reborn baby and realistic baby types.  They seem to be reasonable, and there are some really beautiful babies here.  I don't work for them, nor do I own any of these babies, yet, but they are lovely, and paradise galleries has a great site.

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Theriault's Bittersweet Vingette Videos Available!...

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Theriault's Bittersweet Vingette Videos Available!...: Courtesy, Theriault's Vignette Video Series | October 28-29, 2017 "Bittersweet" - Early Paper Mache Dolls Vignette Vide...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

November Sneak Peek!!

November Sneak Peek
Our wonderful  cover is fairly dancing with automatons is just a hint of what’s waiting in this issue.
There is a great piece on Japanese Art dolls; with interest in fine Japanese dolls growing, especially Friendship dolls, the well-illustrated study by Alan Scott Pate is timely.
Printed cloth dolls sold in panels to cut and sew have entered the realm of folk art in some circles.  Many collectors delight in the original panels, as well as in the dolls.  Read more about them in this article by Linda Holderbaum.
Our own Samy Odin has provided a terrific article on a rare Jumeau.
Don’t forget our Auction results and features, doll show notes, collectibles column, UFDC updates, terrific illustrations, and much more!
Happy Collecting!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Award Winning Dolls from the Texas State Fair

See the link below; there is still an interest in vintage and old dolls!  Thanks to my friend Jeff G. for sharing.

A Few Friends

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Award Winning Dolls from the Texas State Fair: Sent by my friend and colleague, Jeff G., a Renaissance Man

October 2017 Issue Faves!

The November Sneak Peek is just around the corner, but in midst of a gorgeous October, I thought I'd share some of my faves from the current issues!  As Barry Manilow sings, "How I hate it when October Goes!!!!"

1. Do you love spooky stories?  I do, with all things Halloween.  We feature in this issue a terrific Halloween Doll Story!

2. ADC is up and current on all doll news; here is our take on The National Doll Festival, held in Orlando this year.

3.  Cloth dolls and cloth doll artists are becoming ever more popular.  Read our feature on Martha Chase and her dolls for more.

4. Read about Stella by Connie Lowe, a beautiful little girl of The Depression, and the loving memory that inspired Stella Creation. 

And, of course, there's more!!

Don't miss our October issue!!

Tuxedo the Halloween Cat with Vintage Dolls and Bears

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

October 2017: Interview with Collector Jenny Tellian

It is with great pleasure that I introduce our friend Jenny Tellian,  a refined and well educated lady with the most amazing collection of dolls I've ever seen!  She is talented, a great pet parent, a wonderful artist, gardener, linguist, and yes, doll collector!  Jenny was very generous with her wonderful collection; there will be a gallery devoted to her dolls very soon.

Inside one of Jenny's many well-lit doll houses

Some of Jenny's miniature bisque babies and all bisque dolls

1. When did you start collecting?

I don't remember ever not being obsessed by dolls as a child!We were a humble family and a rich lady adopted me as her niece! She would come often to visit me bringing me the most wonderful dolls with layettes, furniture , clothes etc! I would begin my day early dragging all the cribs,carriages, dolls, tables, bears, tea sets etc. to the back lawn where I remained all day ,the active and every busy " mother"!

When I came from France I had to leave all my dolls and possessions in general there!I have always bought antiques with a few dolls here and there as an adult!However, when the love of my life died at 47, I found myself in a deep depression !We were together for 11 years and very private people having few friends!He was a German M.D, but also a brilliant scholar enjoying a quiet life of reading and traveling! I was so in despair and barely able to function away from my teaching job!It was at this time that I noticed a doll show advertised , and it changed my life! I made several new, wonderful friends with whom I went to doll shows, bear shows etc. every weekend! We would stop at a nice restaurant on the way home,  and have show and tell time as we ate with our dolly acquisitions!Sadly ,all these friends are now deceased!

Composition and Bisque Babies, Courtesy Jenny Tellian

2. Have your tastes changed over the years?

My tastes in dolls change, but I still cherish the ones I had! I started as an adult collecting composition dolls, moved on to antique French and German bisque ,artist made rag dolls , antique doll houses and miniatures!In the last six months I have amassed a collection of Grodnertals , and currently, I am crazy about reborn black dolls! I have many reborn white ones! I have recently gotten some old black paper mâché topsy turvies,  as well as some with bellows in their stomach which stick out their tongue when their stomach is pressed! They are so realistic!I suppose I love all dolls since to me they are three dimensional works of art! It is a pity today that most people I encounter, ( some oldies also), think dolls are creepy!These same people watch " The Living Dead" and " Zombies" on television!

One seldom sees a little girl with a doll, a doll buggy or even wearing a dress!We are indeed fortunate to have lived in a different era!

One of Jenny's Life-sized manikins, tastefully arranged

3. What are your favorite types of dolls?

A certain doll - I prefer dolls that are all original or mostly original. Age brings with it a lovely patina! I think the expression of the doll,  as well as the way in which it is dressed , are the main attractions!Oftentimes, replacement wigs and shoes render the doll awkward looking in my opinion!

Tiny Dolls in a Doll House.  Courtesy, Jenny Tellian

4. What are the characteristics that attract you to a certain doll?

While I currently adore reborns I would say my greatest loves are still the old antique ones ! I have a very beautiful Greiner from early 1880's with flirty,glass eyes, original clothing including marvelous red leather boots! ( about 42 inches) I think she might be my favorite doll,  although not my most expensive! I am eclectic and do not eliminate any doll genres.The doll must in some way speak to me! I amassed such a large collection because I wanted to leave it to my quaint city for a children's museum! I have collections of old toys, paper goods, Grammaphones, Edison talking machines, a player piano , etc.