Monday, January 30, 2017

A Taste of our February Issue

If you love Kewpies, you'll flip over our cover!  Kewpies, Kewpies, everywhere!  Plus, there is an amazing article called "Kewpies Redux!"

"Rarely Found All Bisque Dolls of Color" is pure eye candy for those who love ethnic bisque dolls. The diversity of dolls in this category alone will boggle your mind. 

Also, for those who love to "accessorize" and decorate, there is the article "French Faux Bamboo Doll Furniture" and " For Fashions' Sake, A Look at Antique Doll Corsets."

Our collectibles column focuses on Kathe Kruse this month, and we include a tribute to our dear friend, Pat Vaillancourt.

And, of course, there are are usual laving auction announcements, doll show listings, and much, much more!

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