Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April Collector Feature: Diane Roche

Below is a brief, but well-put collector's statement from our friend, Diane Roche.  Diane is a respected dealer of antique dolls, but she is also a collector and true fan of fine French dolls.  We've had many terrific conversations on doll research, antique dolls, and antique doll clothes.  She has clothed many a fine doll for me, and I can boast proudly that a fine Jutta, Frozen Charlie, and Vintage Artists' A.T. have come from her wonderful stock!  She is supportive of all antique doll collectors, doll enthusiasts, and doll research, truly a collector's collector! Diane says:

I have been  collecting  dolls since I was  a little girl,  but collecting  antique dolls since 1990. My  tastes have become more sophisticated,  overall , and my "faves"  are French bebes and  fashions
Also I like vintage  reproductions and am always looking for small dolls, and for the most part I don't sew!!  Moreover, I  always look for the artistry and beauty when I buy, the charm of the face, and  also originality can be a factor. 

Vintage, Artist A.T. that came from Diane's Archives.  Made with a
Seeley Body, well marked, and Old Clothing and Materials.

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