Tuesday, April 18, 2017

May 2017 Sneak Peek!

Spring has sprung, and along with it, wonderful dolls are popping up everywhere.  Try not to drool on the magazine as you take a leisurely trip through the amazing world of antique and vintage dolls and all things related to them! 

Automata and toy fans will be dancing for joy along with the wonderful automatons featured at the Team Breker Toy and Automata auction.  We feature a gallery of delightful automatons for your viewing pleasure, including amazing costumed monkey automatons.  Don't miss the lovely mechanical violinist on our cover, either!

Doll seamstresses and tailors will take note that we have a wonderful Jumeau dress pattern in our May issue this year.   There are also great ads from trustworthy dealers who can help you outfit your antique dolls in style.

Those who live for doll eye candy can't miss our story on the legendary and important collection of  Countess Maree Tarnowska, a passionate author, dealer, and collector, especially of amazing antique French bisques. 

We are also offering terrific articles on white gold porcelain and ceramics, a doll friendship tour centering on Japanese dolls, a collectibles column on Helen Kish and her relationship to antique dolls and contributions to doll art, key auctions, and much more.

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Happy Collecting!

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