Monday, July 17, 2017

August Sneak Peek!!

I love August, season of doll shows and dog days of summer!  This month's lavish and beautiful issue is sure to delight.  Below are some highlights, along with our usual auction reports, show and auction announcements, and more.  Check us on our other social media sites, too, including Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.  We are also shared through ISSUU, Reddit,  Facebook, Pinterest  Instagram and Deliciious.  I will post links, later.  We are also featured on blogs I translate into Greek, Spanish, and Japanese.  I'm happy to post or send links to anyone interested.  Email me at

First of all, we have Part II of a fantastic collection of Lenci, with dolls many of us have never seen.  If you have been to Italy and looked for dolls there, you will really appreciate this piece.  I have great mother\daughter childhood memories of running around the shops in Rome looking for dolls. Enjoy!

Next, we have a great piece on Russian Nesting Dolls that have become iconic, yet as varied as any other type of doll can become.  Read this fascination history of how they began, and how they have evolved.

Antique doll collectors are always looking for ways to display and accessorize their dolls.  Here is a lovely article about using gorgeous antique boxes as props and accessories.  We get to discover another great collectible, accessorize our dolls, and repurpose and renew!

No doll or person can ever have too many clothes!  Read this terrific article focusing on an antique doll and her wardrobe.  I'm very fond of her trousseau because it reminds me of a similar one my mother created for my first two china heads.   Seeing this dresses will inspire you, and you will want to sew for your dolls, too!

Happy Collecting!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

March Interview

Hi Ellen. 1. I guess is was a natual prosess. I started out taking the eye makeup off of a barbie and changing her lips then one mod after another it combining everything the dolls just made sence. 2 I love love love Gustav Klimt . As fare as dolls i can play with a Madame Alexander adult dolls. My aunt had a case that i cpuld stair at for hrs as a girl. 3 i dont have a colection perse. I have a Maxi doll from my childhood and a Jem doll that i rehaired to be a redhead. I have a dozn ir so. One antquec another papermeshe and even a monster high bat girl. So i dont have a group of one maker, little of everything. 4 I never played with the dolls like my cousins. I always wanted to make the closre, pose and bild the tiny world around them. The movement of an atomaton without loosing a fiminin style always intreed me. The rist and possability of a MEGO Dorathy doll would have me fasinated. 5 Woodworking and furnature. The intracesys of a michanical table that was made without power tools and the time and care of carving 4 claw feet that match perfictly. I love my tiger maple clad tredl sewing macine. The thought i get to use a 100 year old hand crank grinder in my day to day life to make my dolls is so fun. My tools being prityer than the things i make with them is so girly and fun. 6 my dad and grandad were wood workers. I made doll funiture and then my own "bad" houses out of scraps. It wasnt untill 4 years ago that the naked lady wind chime became a doll that everyone wanted to touch and play with. I get caught up in the way wood feels and the grain turns into an ankle or chick. They feel like they have been alive because the wood had been. More than once I staryed one thing and the wood changed how the doll looked and her tone was much better for it. 7 i hope to keep playing with movement and size. Each doll is her own creation. The next one is my faverit simple with movement or 45° hips with sculpted knees and legs that hang just so. I hope they make the player as happy as i am when im finding them. 8 as fare as dolls, i look for old joints and craftmenship. I love fation art dolls and curvy pocelin. I love old bronz statues and would love to have them in motion. A doll that i want to play with is sooo hard to resist☺. Its hard to say what that is but you know it when you see it. Feel free to use any fb pic and if you want pics of the prosess, let me know. Thank you so much . Clearly im not a writer. Im better with playing with dolls, tehe

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Happy 4th of July!!

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