Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Collector Profile: Lynda Crossland

Our next few collector interviews will focus on members of the popular Facebook group, For the Beauty of Dolls, Vintage and New. This is an inspiring group of warm, generous folks who have captured the true spirit of collecting.  They share knowledge and friendship enthusiastically, and Lynda Crossland is one of the group's members.

Lynda is very fond of Roddy dolls, by in England during the 1950s.  Roddy was known for its hard plastic walkers, many dressed in Scottish kilts. For more on Roddy, visit Facebook or go to

A Delightful Cross-section of Lynda's Collection.  Courtesy, Lynda Crossland

When did you start collecting?

To say collecting in the sense of the word would be over the past few years,; however, I have always loved dolls.

What are your favorite types of dolls?

I absolutely love Roddy dolls due to having one as a child in the 60's,  and my collection has one doll that stands out. She took me years to find.

The Original Roddy that Inspired Lynda.  She is on the Left.
Courtesy, Lynda Crossland.

Have your tastes changed over the years

Over the years I still in the main look for Roddy dolls but will buy others that have that 'take me home' look about them.
Just now it is Barbie dolls and fashion dolls. I like to get a box of unloved dolls, strip them, wash them and bring them back to life.

What are the characteristics that attract you to a certain doll?

Now,  I collect any make of doll that has a nice face, and I do like long hair.

Do you sew for your dolls?

No, I crochet all my dolls' clothes.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

Not now as I found the Roddy I wanted, now it's a case of who needs my help in making them lovable once more


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