Saturday, August 26, 2017

September Sneak Peek!

September 2017 Sneak Peek


Our cover this month features a beautiful duet of two rare and wonderful Izannah Walker dolls.  The cover is so beautiful, that you’ll want to frame it!


Along with the gorgeous cover is a story wishing Miss Walker a happy 200th birthday!


If you love Barrois dolls as I do, you’ll love our feature article called “Barrois Beauty Secrets.”  Among French Fashions dols, they are among the prettiest.  My own small example came home with me after a San Jose doll show.  Her vendors even found a bag printed in French to wrap her in on her way home!


There is a very interesting story of a costume doll from Spain. Spain has a rich doll making tradition, and makers like Berjusa, Marin, Klumpe, and Mary Vas trip off the tongues of the collectors who love them. This very well-researched article is a delightful lesson in cultural geography and dolls.


Our collectibles column is a tribute the maestro himself, Mr. R. John Wright.  Featured in the discussion are his terrific new Gone with the Wind mice.


Read the biography of an amazing doll with Provenance, and tour yet another fanastic doll museum.


As always, we feature important upcoming auctions, UFDC reports, doll shows, and lots and lots of lavish pictures.  We are doll eye candy at its best!  Come explore our pages, and think of us as your own private doll museum.




  1. I ❤ your blog. It's so informative and thorough in doing so. Thanks for bringing doll news to doll lovers.
    I used to get a little magazine called Kimport Dolls (or maybe News) Do you know what happened to it?

    Best regards,
    Rosa St.Claire

  2. Thank you for your kind words! It is collectors like you that make writing about dolls such a pleasure! The mag. from Kimport was Doll Talk. It stopped publication when the McKim's retired and closed Kimport. Doll Talk is sold on ebay and elsewhere online. Look for it at library sales and doll shows. Here is the link for my Google search, just "doll talk kimport" :

    Also, Here is a link for McKim studios, online: They continue to sell quilt patterns, which is what one of the owners of Kimport started with. I met her granddaughter years ago. She runs the online business. Thanks, again, Rosa. Find us on our other social media, and also on Dr. E's Doll Museum, Ruby Lane Blogs, Doll Museum, and Twitter and Facebook.