Thursday, November 30, 2017

December Sneak Peek!

I'll give you a hint, Santa Claus is definitely in town with this month's ADC collectibles column! Read about the history of St. Nick and dolls made in his honor, then browse our auction listings, user friendly, colorful ads, and doll show announcements to find the Christmas doll of your dreams.

Santas by Robert Jackson, Jackson's Antiques

Be sure to check out our gift guide for doll gift ideas!

What could be more festive than an Izannah Walker holiday party!! One of our feature articles invites you to join into just such a joyous occasion.  The dolls are amazing as usual, and inspiring to see during the holidays.

The jewel in the crown of this issue is on our cover, a resplendent Rochard doll, complete with her Stanhope jewels graces it.  She is among the rarest of all rare dolls, and you can read about her amid our pages.

Theriault's will feature an auction close to our hearts of dolls that are, well, family, the Kaonis collection of Brownies.

Plus, read more about rare French doll history, one doll detective's search for a special doll, an auction of Steiff rarities, UFDC exhibits, and much more!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

December Interview with Karin Freeman from From the Beauty of Dolls Facebook Group

Vintage Barbie, Courtesy Karin

When did you start collecting dolls?

1. I was about 10 years old. Always love my dolls, but in late 90s I started collecting again as an adult. I still had my childhood dolls, and my daughter's.

Do you have any favorites?

2. Yes, my favorites are antique composition doll, but I like any older dolls. My collection has everything from Barbie to Chatty Cathy ! I have the whole collection of the First Lady Madam Alexander dolls. I am not one to spend a fortune on a doll. I'll buy the ones that need TLC, but don't get me wrong I have spent a little ! LOL

Very nice vintage Ken as we all know and love him!
Courtesy, Karin Freeman

What dolls can't you live without?
3. Composition are my all time favorites.

Barbie's Faithful Friend Midge, Rhoda to
Barbie's Mary!  Very nice vintage outfit, too.
Courtesy, Karin Freeman

What attracts you to a certain doll?

4. The face,  they look sad.

Do you sew for your dolls?

5. Yes like I said , I'll buy the ones that need TLC and fix them up. My granddaughter is 3 and she wants to help.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

6. No , I just buy what I like.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Interview with Lorraine Ford of The Beauty of Dolls; Vintage and New

 This month, we are sharing an interview with my Facebook friend, Lorraine Ford.  Lorraine is a member of two of my favorite groups, including one devoted to "Walda" dolls and The Beauty of Dolls.  She is a master at doll display and has a wonderful, eclectic collection.  Her Halloween dolls inspire awe and envy, and she is generous with her treasures and friendly.

An Assortment of Old Compo Dolls.  Courtesy, Lorraine Ford


1. Tell us when you started to collect.

I started collecting dolls about 20 years ago

2. Describe the dolls you started to collect first and how your tastes have change.

I used to collect only old or vintage and Barbies. My mom bought me the Xmas one for the last 10 years. Then,  I got a few Monster High dolls.  I also  have some of the Disney princess dolls.

Courtesy, Lorraine Ford

 3.  Describe some of your favorite dolls to collect.

Old bisque, composition.

A Lovely Display Including Yolanda Bello and Royal Doulton Figurines

4.  Tell us what some of your favorite types of dolls are.

I love old worn loved dolls. They make me cry. I

want to save them all.

Courtesy, Lorraine Ford. Great Teddies!

5. Tell us if you like to sew for your dolls.

 I have hand sewed dresses for dolls. I think they deserve that much.

Tell us what you are looking for.

A Great Variety of Dolls!
Courtesy, Lorraine Ford

Living Dead Dolls Admired by Lorraine, courtesy Lorraine Ford

6. Tell us about any dolls you might be looking for.

I'm not looking, but if I come across any old dolls I can afford, I would be interested

And I have started collecting Walda dolls. They is so misunderstood